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Kidodo Space


Welcome to Kidodo Space, Singapore's premier space-themed indoor playground, where adventure meets learning! We invite children to embark on an interstellar journey through our diverse attractions. From spinning rides, carousels, and electric motorcycles to unique experiences like space trampolines, climbing tree holes, and ocean ball jet shooters, we offer endless fun for our young astronauts.

Delve into our space excavators, sandpits, ball pits, and innovative games such as ball smashing projections and happy ball walls. Our special space-themed birthday parties ensure every child can have an unforgettable birthday celebration in the cosmos!


As a venue dedicated to hosting birthday celebrations, Kidodo Space is more than just a playground—it's a universe filled with fun, designed to let children release their energy and spark their curiosity about the cosmos. Join us at Kidodo Space for an extraordinary experience where fun and learning collide!

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